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Is your weight slowing you down to a crawl?

Are you struggling to conquer your addictions to sugar and carbs?

Do you constantly feel bloated?

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This program has helped tens of thousands of people

“Never have I had this much confidence and love for myself! ❤ In 5months I've lost 30kg!!! I went from a self loathing size 18 to a bouncy, energetic size 10. I will be forever grateful to the phatt program for helping me achieve my goals ...”


“What an exciting year! Thanks so much Natalie Barr for changing my life for the better!! I did the program at the start of the year and lost 11kgs. I've maintained reasonably well and am focusing on doing it again - and committing to starting 8th January. I am looking forward to it! ...”


“I'm a busy working Mum and lucky Nana and feel so fortunate to have found this program. Not only losing 14kgs I just feel so much better with so much more energy, no aches and pains, and off my blood pressure medication.”

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Using non toxic nutritional products

Three easy steps

First couple of days

At this stage your body is getting used to the new diet, blood sugar levels are stabilising and you are getting your appetite under control. Typically after the second day your blood sugar levels should stabilise, you will be able to resist food cravings and your body will start to use the fat for energy. Yes, you are starting to burn fat already at this stage. During these couple of days your body will make the initial transition from a fat storage to the fat burner.

Detox & Fat loss

Your body starts to change as a result of burning fat. Your efforts are starting to pay off – blood sugar levels are stable, food cravings are more easily manageable and most importantly hormones are getting back in balance. You will start to feel more energised and have a better composure. This is basically the weight loss stage but is also important for your digestion and helps heal your gut. Don’t forget that the nutritional support is essential for your body and hormonal balance.


This phase is specifically designed to help you maintain the desired weight and keep your hormones in balance – insulin in particular. This phase normally lasts for 21 days, after which you should be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle! All 3 stages are equally important for safe and efficient weight loss. In case that you wish to lose more weight simply repeat the entire program!

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Unique program

It is designed to be complete and easy to follow solution, providing everything you need to succeed.

The nutritional supplements are not provided, you buy those for yourself, but still you get a huge value when join the program.

What you get with the program

  • A complete list of approved foods
  • Easy to follow daily meal plan
  • Daily supplements list and schedule
  • Exclusive access to Feeds Facebook group
  • Exclusive access to Facebook community groups
  • Personal mentor support

Affordable pricing

This program is a great way to start and transform your life.
Getting started is simple – Contact your Mentor open your online account, load your cart and proceed to checkout.
Delivery is usually within 2-3 business days.

Once you have made your order your mentor will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.



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